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    Batman meets The Beatles


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    Batman meets The Beatles

    Post by Ymaginatif on Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:08 am

    Produced in June 1970.
    Using the famous “Paul is dead” myth as a plot Frank Robbins (Batman writer at the time) created the story on issue 222.

    Obviously, names and situations are (slightly) altered to avoid legal and other issues; instead of “The Beatles”, the band is called “Oliver Twists”, a nod to the book by Charles Dickens. The band has four members (you don’t say!), a pastiche of the true Beatles, wearing army coats – Sgt. Peppers style – and everything else. The duo of main songwriters for the Oliver Twists have interesting names: Glennan e Saul (Cartwright).

    more about this oddity:

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