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    NPR(NonPrinceRelated) Bluewater

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    NPR(NonPrinceRelated) Bluewater

    Post by Inward Jim on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:33 am

    I only thought to put this up b/c someone said they recently went to a Gaga show.

    Bluewater, an independent comic book publisher, released an (unauthorized) biography in comic book form of Lady Gaga in June. They've recently recieved a cease and desist order from an attorney representing her and Justin Bieber, who is the subject of an october book.

    The books are usually fairly well researched, if poorly proof-read. Could that be Gaga's sudden spurning of Bluewater (who in all actuality might sell around 500 or so of the books.) When a store orders from bluewater, they order 1 copy if that. They don't exactly fly off the shelf. So if you are around a comic book retailer and are into Gaga at all, maybe look for it. That one copy may not be there for long.

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